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Storm Born – Sneak Peak

Storm Born 1 of 6

As most of you have figured out by now I dread my email box. Unlike most people, (who get either chain letters or messages from their mothers twice a week,) I get about 30 book submissions a day. For me… email is not fun, it’s work. Today however, I got a little surprise… boy was I excited. So excited actually, that I decided to share the email with all of you. What was it? Well… Patrick from Sea-Lion Books (let’s give a round of applause for Patrick) sent me a 5 page preview of Richelle Mead’s (the author of NYT […]

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!!

Once upon a time there was an author named Richelle Mead, she was spunky, she was sassy, and she wrote a pretty entertaining series called the “Vampire Academy” but then one day Richelle got lost, I’m not sure if it was the weight of all that pressure bearing down on her, causing her eyes to water and blur; or if it was a wiring problem with her GPS, but none the less, she was off of the beaten path. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, Mead wasn’t completely lost when she wrote “Blood Promise”… just for the first 65% of […]

I Think I Should Invest In Klennex!

Holy Crow….that sucked! Ok…I don’t actually mean it sucked in that “I should have never picked up this book cause it was so bad” way, more like the “this book was so good it made me cry, which totally sucked” way! I haven’t been this happy or upset by a book since “New Moon” and yes, I know that I said I hate comparing books but in all honestly this is the only other book that has made me want to chunk it at the wall.  There is such a large twist in the last 10% of this book it […]

A Girl With an Attitude Problem? Never!

“Vampire Academy”…yes please! I’m going to sound very conflicted in this review so you are going to have to bear with me, I promise…I do actually have a point and a solidified opinion. When I first picked up this book I expected nothing more than a quick, vampire laced read, strangely, that is not what I got at all. The first 30% or so was overwhelming. NOT due to the plot, but due to the characters. It read as if “Richelle Mead” had a truck load of characters she wanted to introduce, but none of the patience required to sit […]