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Damn Those Pesky Undependable Wards!

"The Mortal Instruments" And so the story ends with  "City of Glass" Clare did not disappoint with her final installment of "The Mortal Instruments" books.  I thought…for about 5 chapters…that I was going to hate it. That I was going to finish this series being pissy and agitated and would have to make up my own ending just to satisfy my overactive head,  but FINALLY it turned around. The book was epic, in that 20 chapters of unadulterated fighting sorta way. I was introduced to even more demons, (One which had a weird resemblance to an old boss of mine.) […]

I Call The Red Board!

“The Mortal Instruments” “City of Ashes”…WOW!!! Yes, I know that’s not a very literarily stunning way to start off a review, but I was honestly lost for words. I LOVED this book. Mash together a very stunning Vamp scene, an awkward bury the dead moment, a masochistic Inquisitor and a Faerie Queen that has a sick sense of humor and what do you get? One wicked game of Demon Battleship. Yes, “City of Ashes” has a significant amount of angst scenes that were missing from the first book, but anyone with any sort of plot comprehension could see this coming […]

And That’s Why I Don’t Visit Psychics

"The Mortal Instruments"   What happens when you wake up one morning to find out that your entire existence is a lie? What happens when you find out that your mother has blatently and magically deceived you for the past 15 years? Well, you become friends with a Demon Hunter of course. Silly you. Being kind of disappointed in the last 3 books I’ve read; it was refreshing to actually read something I enjoyed. Yes, it had vampires, and yes it had werewolves which made me kind of giddy, but they weren’t the main focus. The main focus…Demons. Which I […]