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7 Bookish Gifts To Make Your Geek Smile


  7 Bookish Gifts To Make Your Geek Smile  If your household is anything like mine, your significant other is currently running around the house like a chicken with his head cut off, trying desperately to find something worth a crap (or at the very least interesting) to give to their uber geek loved one for Christmas. Despite my insistance that: “Yes, I actually DO want a $200 gift-card to Starbucks! Why is that so unreasonable??” MY husband remains unconvinced. Which got me thinking…maybe I should help a brother out and present him with a few additional ideas. And…since I […]

Verso Artist Cover (Review)

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  Verso Artist Series, Say Yes Cover for Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite By LightWedge   Most see the centuries-old art of calligraphy as just super-fancy handwriting. But when the sister/artist team of Cyrille and Lise Gulassa spent a year living together in Japan, they developed a much deeper appreciation for the art form. Their experience and observations led to a more intimate appreciation for the unique confluence of individuality, creative expression, and environment. The bold “Say Yes Now” calligraphy presented on the Verso Artist Series, Say Yes cover reminds us to say yes to opportunities that come our […]

Amazon Announces NEW Kindle!


  Afternoon Kindle-ites! Well, I’ve been warning you for more than a week now that Amazon had plans to announce a new Kindle today, and guess what…THEY DID! So, since I like keeping all of you in the know. (And the fact that I’ve now read approximately 70 articles on it and am totally Jonesing for one.) I figured it was only fair that I share all of the details with you. Anyways… Let’s start with the Kindle Fire. While it’s not “NEW” (that aren’t calling it the Fire 2 but the Fire HD) it is definitley “IMPROVED.”     […]

StickerBoy Kindle – iPhone Matching Skin Giveaway!!


  Evening Kindle-ites!!! Well, the genius behind (who will remain nameless because he loves his anonymity) wants to host another contest for all of you, and well…who am I to deny him? Anyways, I am slightly OCD about all of my electronics matching (phone, kindle, laptop) and since I am, there has to be a few more of you out there, right? (For the love of God nod your head so I don’t feel like a freak.) So to help with this completely ridiculous tick that we ALL HAVE StickerBoy is not only giving away ANOTHER Kindle skin (for whichever Kindle you […]

PDair Flip Case Review & Giveaway!


    About PDair Since 2002, PDair has been fully dedicated to provide quality protection and accessories for mobile devices with our leading expertise in design and manufacturing. Evolving from PDAs to mobile phones and from mobile phones to smartphones, we continue to dedicate to be the first to deliver the best innovation for latest mobile releases. Our Products  Our cases are carefully designed to provide maximum protection, functionality enhancements and style. Only the finest quality material is selected for production, and a carefully monitored manufacturing process ensuring all our products are released at an immaculate state. PDair is proud […]

Cygentt Lavish Folio Case Review & Giveaway!

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  About Cygnett Cygnett designs, develops and manufactures innovative digital accessories for the world’s most popular gadgets and technology. From cases and accessories for iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets to portable speakers, earphones, power products and laptop bags, Cygnett is celebrated as one of the world’s major digital accessories designers and manufacturers. Our digital accessories and products shield and connect your digital world, letting you explore it with more peace of mind, shape it with more variety and choice, and share your moments, both big and small. Cygnett packaging is recyclable and partially biodegradable, because we believe the digital […]

Bundle Monster Multi Function Case Review & Giveaway

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    A Note from Bundle Monster: Stand it, bend it, or fold it – this case was made to get the most use out of your Kindle Fire. Designed specifically for the Amazon Kindle Fire device, this case has many features that you are sure to love. The device is constructed of synthetic leather and is held in place by 6-claws that gently keeps the device in place. The front cover can be used as a front closure when the device is not being used and is held closed with an elastic band, folded all the way for ease […]

GelaSkins Wear Test & Giveaway

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  About GelaSkins (in their own words…)   Oh, hello there At GelaSkins, we’re passionate about great design. That’s why you’ll find some of world’s most creative minds gracing our pages. Since 2005, we’ve built our reputation on devoting our efforts to curating a gallery of art by award-winning illustrators, old masters, up-and-coming artists and charitable organizations. A portion of each skin, case or print sold goes directly to the creator, helping to support and promote independent artists everywhere. From our headquarters in Toronto, we’re fostering global creativity. That, and hand-eye coordination with our furious, weekly Donkey Kong challenges. It’s all in a day’s work. Stand out with vibrant protection by GelaSkins. Express your individual […]

Timbuk2 Element Sleeve Review & Giveaway

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  What’s this all about?   Just because it’s hailing golf balls doesn’t mean you have to go without your stories. With fine weave ballistic nylon and a no-nonsense slim profile, this is the armored vehicle of Kindle cases, escorting your romance novels (just admit it) to and from bus stops without incident.   What are the features?   Hand strap with fine weave ballistic nylon. Faux Fur Lining External zip pocket Splash-Proof protection for your Kindle Fine Weave Ballistic Super slim profile     My Thoughts   If you plan on spending your time at the pool (or at […]

Bundle Monster 360 Swivel Kickstand Case Review & Giveaway

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  An Overview From Bundle Moster This multi-functional, textured, synthetic leather cover case is specifically designed to fit your Kindle Fire device. This is a lightweight cover that highlights your Kindle’s attributes. The case is made to swivel 360 degrees to sit your Kindle horizontally or vertically. Built into the main cover are 3 pre-constructed grooves that hold up your device; the first and second groove from the Kindle is so the device can sit horizontally while the second and third groove is for your Kindle to sit vertically. The case has cutouts for your speakers, camera, power button and […]