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city of bones"The Mortal Instruments"


What happens when you wake up one morning to find out that your entire existence is a lie? What happens when you find out that your mother has blatently and magically deceived you for the past 15 years? Well, you become friends with a Demon Hunter of course. Silly you.

Being kind of disappointed in the last 3 books I’ve read; it was refreshing to actually read something I enjoyed. Yes, it had vampires, and yes it had werewolves which made me kind of giddy, but they weren’t the main focus. The main focus…Demons. Which I have to say, outside of the occasional "Angel" episode, I really wasn’t all that interested in. Until now.

The writing in "City of Bones" was FANTASTIC. The images Cassandra Clare created shot to the front of my mind like a rolling film, clean, clear and in amazing detail. She didn’t dwell on unnecessary crap trying in vain to make herself look knowledgeable of the dark underbelly, she just wrote, she created her own Hellish lands, she added her own unique weapons and Downworlders, which made the book read smoothly from start to finish.

Yes, of course you have your everyday YA plot points, Girl, Boy, Girls best friend which just happens to be a boy. (I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this) but overall, the angsty behavior was believable and… amazingly enough… not what the entire book was about. There was a different story, a good story…a story about Shadowhunters, and rogue Demons. A story about flying motorcycles, secret portals, and a girl who just wants to find her mother. A story that I, the pickiest person on the planet, actually enjoyed.

I will say, just as a disclaimer that I was ooged the crap out but a character change in the last 15% of the book, (Sorry…I won’t tell you what it was because its a pretty major plot point) And I pray to God that Clare rectifies it in the next book. (If not I’m going to have to have some seriously mixed feelings about this author.) But every book has it’s flaws, even the greats…that’s what makes them so memorable. That "flaw" is also what made me start reading "City of Ashes" at 12:45 last night. I think that is a good enough verdict for me.

Read on my happy little Demon lovers…this one’s for you!

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  1. DrPPoorluk says:

    Great review! Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, awesome combination! Too bad they throw that mushy stuff in though…
    Good Job!

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